Ideas for Statistics Projects at KS3

As a Maths Department we recently decided to think about a possible statistics project for year 8 (ideally based on comparing two sets of data using scatter graphs). The ideas I have so far are listed below. I realise that some of the projects require primary data and others secondary but I´m simply trying to brain storm at the moment. My favourite is currently the top one but I still feel that it could be better. If anyone has any ideas for a project, please share!!!!

1. Do the biggest Countries in the World have the highest population? (High potential for a cross-curricular geography project)

2. Do more people die in war today than in the past? (This question was jointly decided upon by the History and Mathematics Department at my School for a cross-currcicular project last year)

3. Is your reaction on a computer simulator as quick as your reaction to catching a falling ruler? (Great nrich simulator for this!)

4. Is there a connection between time spent on facebook and exam results?

5. How long does it take for your coffee to cool down? (Cross-curricular potential with Science Department)

6. Can you predict how long you will have to stand in a queue at Tesco? (Inspired by Dan Meyer)

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One Response to Ideas for Statistics Projects at KS3

  1. Saman says:

    Do longer legs mean a faster runner?

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