Fun Maths Revision: Jeopardy

Last year I came across a great site called written by Lucila García Tavernier de Dagnino. It’s a site which holds an excellent bank of resources for any KS5 teacher, especially those teaching the IB. One resource which particularly caught my eye is a set of revision PowerPoints called Jeopardy. The basic idea behind Jeopardy is in boosting revision by incorporating a competitive element. While I’m sure every teacher structures the game in a slightly different way, these are the rules that my most recent IB class developed.

Students pair up and are asked to pick a question which could hold either 10, 20, 30 or 40 points; questions with a higher point score represent a higher level of difficulty.  A pair picks a question depending on how comfortable they are with the topic.

Once this question has been picked by the first pair, the teacher sets a time limit for the class and then every pair furiously works on the question in the hope that they will finish first. The teacher notes which order the pairs finish in but must allow the entire time limit to pass if the pair that originally picked the question has not finished. If the pair who chose the question finishes first then the teacher will check to ensure a correct answer and thus stop time there. If the answer is wrong, then the teacher will simply tell them that it is wrong and keep the clock running.

If the original pair have the correct answer, they must explain their method to the rest of the group. They then obtain the allocated number of points for the question. However, if time is up and the original pair has not reached a correct answer, then the first pair to finish has the opportunity to steal the points from them if they provide a correct answer. Once this question has been completed, the next pair get the opportunity to pick a question.

The pair with the most points at the end of the lesson emerge victorious. From my experience there is absolutely no need to provide a small prize to the winning pair; the pride of winning is more than enough reward. Myself and another teacher in the department have used this with a number of different IB classes with great success. The problem is that every time you do a consolidation or revision lesson, they’ll ask to do Jeopardy. I´ll leave it up to you to decide whether this is a problem.

Here’s an example of one of my Jeopardy PowerPoints.

You can download the PowerPoint here.

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