Swiss Group of International Schools Conference: Geogebra Workshop and the Sequence Command

Yesterday was the SGIS Conference; the countdown to the Geogebra Workshop was finally over. Hence, I’ve decided to share a solid proportion of the workshop with everyone that couldn’t be there.

Firstly, I have to say that I found it so difficult planning the workshop, namely because I just couldn’t decide on which aspects of Geogebra to concentrate on (there’s just so much now!). Anyway, after some time thinking about it, I decided to plan a workshop at an Intermediate level based on the underlying philosophy that I wanted to teach people about aspects of Geogebra which are hard to figure out for yourself. Below is the PowerPoint I used.

The first step was of course to hook the teachers in with examples of some of my most interesting applets (You can see these on my Geogebra Page) and then take it up a notch by allowing them to look through some better files from excellent Geogebraists (I think this term was coined by Guillermo Bautista), such as Mentrand and Yuri. After the last workshop, I realised that if I asked them to search files on, they would spend quite a while trying to find the best files which was time I couldn’t afford to waste in a 90 minute workshop.

After the hook, I decided to talk through a file which would allow me to delve into many features of Geogebra and really hit home the fact that, just like in Mathematics, there are multiple ways to arrive at the same result. Here is the explanation I gave.

The second video is an explanation of the same applet using a different technique. I would say that using this technique is essential for anyone who wants to improve their level of Geogebra from beginner to intermediate. It’s the almighty Sequence command.

As you can probably tell, in a workshop this stuff took twice as long to explain than I expected so by this point I was already near the end of the workshop. This was a real shame because I really wanted people to start playing with Geogebra and making a start on thier own applet. If I could do it all over again, I would lower the level of the presentation but I guess I’ve learnt for next time. I’m not going to tarnish the importance of the Sequence command by doing videos on the other slides in the presentation but I will do another post very soon on the Importance of Geogebra in current Mathematics Education.

p.s. A big thank you to Guilermo Bautista for putting up the tutorial a few years ago on Math and Multimedia.

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