3 ACTs: Usian Bolt vs Cheetah

ACT 1 – Any Questions?


1) Does the cheetah beat Bolt? If so, how much quicker is the cheetah?

ACT 2 – what information do I need to answer the question?

Usain Bolt ran this race at an average speed of 23.35 mph.

The average cheetah can run at a top speed of 70 mph. Cheetah’s have been known to reach this top speed at around the 4 second mark (see link). However, another cheetah’s speed was measured in a 100m time trial with the result being that the cheetah accelerated throughout the race until it reached a speed of 61 mph at the finish line (see video).

ACT 3 – the answer

As a side note:

I made the picture below last year to start a discussion on converting between speeds. May be useful…


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