Percentage Increase and Decrease Applet: Any improvements?

Here’s a Geogebra app I made to help students who were struggling with percentage increase and decrease. Can anyone think of any improvements? Click the picture to go to the link.

08-10-2013 13-38-01

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3 Responses to Percentage Increase and Decrease Applet: Any improvements?

  1. goldenoj says:

    What this makes me think of is a sketch where they set the amounts and it tells them the percent increase or decrease… maybe it could be a challenge where they get to guess?

    This percent game is tangentially related – works on the unitizing aspect.

    • Hey John, I think the estimating first is definitely an important point. We actually did this in class – I inputted the number without pressing enter and then we had different people at the front guessing where they thought it would be. I’m starting to realise that I don’t need to put everything onto an app to make it work well in lessons whereas before I’d try and put everything I could possibly think of on it, I think it’s better now to “be less helpful” and get them figuring out stuff together. Certainly reduces time making the apps as well! (I’m sure this is all stuff you already do!)

      Thanks John.

  2. Nice applet! One tiny suggestion – hide the numbers on the x-axis, and maybe the tick marks, too. They are irrelevant and may be a source of confusion. (And personal preference – change the awful default brown!)

    Oooh, can you make a copy and use fractions instead of percents?

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