Task: Differences

Opinions on this task? Any amendments or additions would be gratefully received before trialling it with my Year 9 group. Happy to receive comments below or via twitter (@DanielPearcy). We have completed a considerable amount of work on straight line graphs and I would like to move their thinking forward. The aim of the task is to connect their understanding of straight line graphs with sequences initially, and then move that new found connection onto more interesting sequences.

Task: Differences

Updated Task (post comments): Differences

In regards to John’s comment below, I will now start by visually representing the first two sequences on the board before setting them off on the task.

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2 Responses to Task: Differences

  1. goldenoj says:

    I wonder about starting with a visual pattern, where you could visualize the first difference & even 2nd difference to see the constant 3rd difference. Then a problem starting with a difference feels like a justifiable reversal.

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