Pi Day Activities

Pi day yesterday was a welcome break from the current global chaos – a lovely last day before a full month of online learning begins. Here’s what we organised if you need some inspiration for next year. I decided to ensure sustainability by only involving Year 9 (Grade 8) students so that we can run it in a very similar way next year. All Year 9 students had to sign up for one activity 2 weeks before the day.

  1. A Pi cake competition

cake comp

2. A Pi Memorisation competition


3. A Pi Skyline competition


4. A Free-hand circle drawing competition (https://vole.wtf/perfect-circle/)


5. A Live Buffon’s Needle Experiment


6. A “10,000 Colour’s of Pi” Mural


Lesson Task: I created this task for all Year 9 students on the day with inspiration from Dan Meyer РHow round is your circle?  (Free-hand circle drawing task)

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