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Pi Day Activities

Pi day yesterday was a welcome break from the current global chaos – a lovely last day before a full month of online learning begins. Here’s what we organised if you need some inspiration for next year. I decided to … Continue reading

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Task: Differences

Opinions on this task? Any amendments or additions would be gratefully received before trialling it with my Year 9 group. Happy to receive comments below or via twitter (@DanielPearcy). We have completed a considerable amount of work on straight line … Continue reading

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Cognitive Load Theory: Questioning the Intricacies

To give some context for this post, I’ll start by saying that I absolutely love Craig Barton’s podcasts. Whenever I listen to one I almost always have to re-visit given the ridiculous number of ideas and claims made. One thing’s … Continue reading

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Does an equation exist to describe a square? What about any polygon?

Yesterday I saw some awesome Mr Men Math posters created by @solvemymaths ( and have already stuck some of them up in the corridor at school. Mr Astroid particularly caught my eye as one of the interesting Mr Men shapes. … Continue reading

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Moving towards more Meaningful Mathematics Assessment in the 21st Century

I’ve always believed that there’s nothing wrong with a sit down test if the test items assess the core philosophy and values of the subject. Hence, I’ve tried to make an assessment for my Year 7 students (grade 6) which I believe … Continue reading

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Allowing Students to Discover the “Mystery” of Square Roots (Surds)

Here’s my attempt at investigating operations with square roots (surds) when you’re not prescribed by a GCSE/IGCSE syllabus. This is only a general outline of the lessons we’ve had so far but it’d be great to hear how other people go … Continue reading

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Percentage Increase and Decrease Applet: Any improvements?

Here’s a Geogebra app I made to help students who were struggling with percentage increase and decrease. Can anyone think of any improvements? Click the picture to go to the link.

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Estimation Calculator (Multiplication) on Geogebra

Click the picture to go to the Applet.

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Why I like Mathematics and why Students should Discover and Create their Own

An old video – and in some points cringe-worthy now I look back – but I do sometimes like to look back at it. [By the way, I don’t have a clue where I plucked out the 90% statistic towards the end … Continue reading

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Protected: Introduction to Fractal Geometry 2: Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot Set

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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