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Teaching and Learning Framework for a lesson in Mathematics

Here’s a flexible ‘framework’ for the types of things I look for when observing a maths lesson. One of my goals was to make sure that it fit onto one A4 page (back-to-back) which I just about managed. Before I discuss this and amend with … Continue reading

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Dodgeball Dash

On Monday, a colleague of mine found an interesting problem (I don’t know where) and brought it over to me to take a look at. It was presented in the textbook in one of those “fake-real world type scenarios” so I thought … Continue reading

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Mathematical Reflections after the SGIS Education Conference

A few hand-picked highlights and reflections from the SGIS Conference 2016. Just to qualify some of the points made here, Rob Eastaway delivered sessions to both maths and non-maths specialists in a fun and dynamic way with some great ideas. … Continue reading

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GeoGebra Pedagogy Workshop

Annoyingly I’ve never been to a GeoGebra workshop; I’ve only presented on GeoGebra and so I don’t know what other presenters are doing/talking about. My feeling – and this could be completely wrong – is that workshops tend to focus more on … Continue reading

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Quick Post: Introducing Pascal’s Triangle with Set Theory

It occurred to me today that I could ‘meaningfully’ introduce Pascal’s triangle before students meet the binomial theorem. When teaching basic set theory,  the most interesting part for me is to ask students to investigate the number of subsets of a set … Continue reading

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Introducing Surds (Year 10/11)

This activity is inspired first by Dylan Wiliam’s chapter on “Eliciting Evidence of Learner’s Achievement” in Embedded Formative Assessment. My approach to the task is inspired by Danny Brown’s (@dannytybrown) posts on noticing and listening ( Instead of setting a pre-test before … Continue reading

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Does an equation exist to describe a square? What about any polygon?

Yesterday I saw some awesome Mr Men Math posters created by @solvemymaths ( and have already stuck some of them up in the corridor at school. Mr Astroid particularly caught my eye as one of the interesting Mr Men shapes. … Continue reading

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