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Allowing Students to Discover the “Mystery” of Square Roots (Surds)

Here’s my attempt at investigating operations with square roots (surds) when you’re not prescribed by a GCSE/IGCSE syllabus. This is only a general outline of the lessons we’ve had so far but it’d be great to hear how other people go … Continue reading

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Stretching Gifted Students with an Extension of Euler’s Polyhedra Formula

Anyone who knows anything about Mathematics knows Euler’s Formula connecting the number of faces (F), edges (E) and vertices (V) of polyhedra. F – E + V = 2  (A cube for example has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 … Continue reading

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Geogebra Applet for Dan Meyer’s Scrambler Problem

This applet aids investigation of Dan Meyer’s Scrambler Problem. Click on the picture to go to the applet.

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Towers of Hanoi (3 ACTS)

I really should have waited to do this until after Movember (mustache month for charity), but felt like getting stuck in. Act 1 – Any Questions?

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Three Acts: Toilet Roll (101questions)

ACT 1 – Any questions? (Uploaded onto 101questions)

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