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Introducing Surds (Year 10/11)

This activity is inspired first by Dylan Wiliam’s chapter on “Eliciting Evidence of Learner’s Achievement” in Embedded Formative Assessment. My approach to the task is inspired by Danny Brown’s (@dannytybrown) posts on noticing and listening ( Instead of setting a pre-test before … Continue reading

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Allowing Students to Discover the “Mystery” of Square Roots (Surds)

I’m starting this post with the end point. Before you start on the post though, you really HAVE to watch the “Double Rainbow” viral youtube clip (Here’s a post I wrote about rainbows for anyone interested). Right, now you’ve had … Continue reading

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Discovering How to Efficiently find the Lowest Common Multiple and Highest Common Factor

The last 2 lessons with Grade 7 (Year 8), we’ve discussed prime factor decomposition using factor trees and then finding the Lowest Common Multiple, LCM, and Highest Common Factor, HCF, of two simple numbers – e.g. Find the HCF and LCM of 12 and … Continue reading

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Percentage Increase and Decrease Applet: Any improvements?

Here’s a Geogebra app I made to help students who were struggling with percentage increase and decrease. Can anyone think of any improvements? Click the picture to go to the link.

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Should we teach Euclid’s Algorithm in the Secondary Curriculum?

I can’t speak for every Mathematics graduate, or any graduate for that matter, but there’s SO much stuff I can’t remember from University. Whilst that bothers me, I guess it’s just my brains way of being more efficient – it … Continue reading

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Equivalent Fractions Applet

Click the picture to go to the applet.

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3 significant figures – no wonder students find it difficult!

I’ve never thought about devoting a lesson to significant figures before. Partly because it’s a non-topic and partly because it’s possible to cover this topic through teaching other topics. If I think about it though, a large proportion of my students have had trouble with … Continue reading

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