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Cognitive Load Theory: Questioning the Intricacies

To give some context for this post, I’ll start by saying that I absolutely love Craig Barton’s podcasts. Whenever I listen to one I almost always have to re-visit given the ridiculous number of ideas and claims made. One thing’s … Continue reading

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Does an equation exist to describe a square? What about any polygon?

Yesterday I saw some awesome Mr Men Math posters created by @solvemymaths ( and have already stuck some of them up in the corridor at school. Mr Astroid particularly caught my eye as one of the interesting Mr Men shapes. … Continue reading

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Moving towards more Meaningful Mathematics Assessment in the 21st Century

I’ve always believed that there’s nothing wrong with a sit down test if the test items assess the core philosophy and values of the subject. Hence, I’ve tried to make an assessment for my Year 7 students (grade 6) which I believe … Continue reading

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Estimation Calculator (Multiplication) on Geogebra

Click the picture to go to the Applet.

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Introduction to Fractal Geometry 2: Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot Set

The Mandelbrot Set – created with Geogebra It’s possible, or more like probable, that the most mysterious shape ever to arise from the study of Mathematics is that of the Mandelbrot Set. It’s amazing how such an intriguing shape could arise from … Continue reading

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New Sunflower Applet: Fibonacci and the Golden Angle

Here’s a new applet I created (simply because I haven’t made one in a while and thought it’d be fun). Look at how different angles result in different sunflower configurations by clicking the picture below. Why is the golden angle … Continue reading

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The Mathematics of Rainbows

I’ve always been pretty fascinated by rainbows – anyone surely has to admit that it’s truely amazing how nature can construct such a beautiful image. After many years of wondering, I finally decided to spend the evening learning about them. The problem is that … Continue reading

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