If you’re a beginner with geogebra, I recommend learning with Guillermo Bautista’s tutorial lessons at Math and Multimedia. Once you’ve learnt the basics, it’s great fun trying to figure out how other people have put their files together over at Geogebratube.

I am available to facilitate workshops at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels anywhere in the Geneva area and also at certain times of the year when I am visiting the UK. You can contact me at for further information.

The numbers in red are my current favorites.

1. Fun with Distance-Time Graphs (Blog Post: May 14th 2012)

2. Investigating the Discriminant of a Quadratic

3. What is a Prism?

4. Tracing out the Sine Function from the Unit Circle

5. Pythagoras with Pentagons and Hexagons (Blog Post: May 9th 2012)

6. Spiral Animation (Blog Post: Sep 30th 2012)

7. Understanding Equivalent Fractions

8. Understanding Standard Deviation

9. Vertical Asymptotes and Domain of a Function (Blog Post: November 19th 2011)

10. Inverse Relationship between Exponential and Logarithmic Graphs

11. 3 ACT Taco Cart: Quickest Path and Variable Speeds (Blog Post: October 11th 2012)

12. 3-D Pythagoras (Blog Post: May 9th 2012)

13. Angles formed from the Diagonals of a Polygon are Constant (Blog Post: October 15th 2012)

14. Simplified Model of the Path of the Moon around the Sun

15. Mystic Rose (Blog Post: April 14th 2012)

16. Flying Bird

17. Investigating the Connection between the Circumference and Diameter of a Circle

18. Circle Art

19. Monty Carlo Method to Approximate Pi

20. Understanding the Formula for the Area of a Circle

21. Kicking a Field Goal

22. Newton’s Cradle

23. Dan Meyer’s Scrambler Problem

24. Pythagoras Proof

25. Finding Formula for Arc Length of a Circle

26. Sunflowers, the Golden Angle and Fibonacci

27. Creating Patterns by approximating Parabolas with straight lines

More blog posts which contain Geogebra Applets or Work:

1) Flipped Classroom: Circle Theorems and Common Misconceptions

2) Transformation Artwork on Geogebra

3) Quadratic Functions and the Path of a Basketball

4) 3 ACT Taco Cart Problem : Discovering Pythagoras

5) Introduction to Fractal Geometry 2: Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot Set

6) Introducing Trigonometry


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