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Dodgeball Dash

On Monday, a colleague of mine found an interesting problem (I don’t know where) and brought it over to me to take a look at. It was presented in the textbook in one of those “fake-real world type scenarios” so I thought … Continue reading

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Introducing Trigonometry – taking a “digital leaf” out of Fawn Nguyen’s book

If you had to pick the most frustrating part of your Secondary School Maths education, what would it be? For me, it is hands down the trigonometric ratios. You can probably guess how it was taught. The teacher simple wrote SOH CAH TOA on the board, gave … Continue reading

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3 ACTs: Usian Bolt vs Cheetah

ACT 1 – Any Questions?

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ACT 1: Cable Knot

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Geogebra Applet for Dan Meyer’s Scrambler Problem

This applet aids investigation of Dan Meyer’s Scrambler Problem. Click on the picture to go to the applet.

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Towers of Hanoi (3 ACTS)

I really should have waited to do this until after Movember (mustache month for charity), but felt like getting stuck in. Act 1 – Any Questions?

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Three Acts: Toilet Roll (101questions)

ACT 1 – Any questions? (Uploaded onto 101questions)

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