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Dodgeball Dash

On Monday, a colleague of mine found an interesting problem (I don’t know where) and brought it over to me to take a look at. It was presented in the textbook in one of those “fake-real world type scenarios” so I thought … Continue reading

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3 ACT Taco Cart Problem: A private lesson I didn’t want to end

I had a private lesson yesterday which was a lesson that started off in an unexpected manner but by the end we were both hooked. Alix arrived into the lesson and, as I usually do with a new tutee, I asked her what … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the Geometric Representation of Surd Rules

I recently enjoyed reading an article from the ATM (Association of Teachers of Mathematics) regarding the geometric representation of surds (Colin Jackson and the all-attainment group). The all attainment group were looking at how to provide a geometric representation of addition and … Continue reading

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