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Introducing Surds (Year 10/11)

This activity is inspired first by Dylan Wiliam’s chapter on “Eliciting Evidence of Learner’s Achievement” in Embedded Formative Assessment. My approach to the task is inspired by Danny Brown’s (@dannytybrown) posts on noticing and listening (http://www.squeaktime.com/). Instead of setting a pre-test before … Continue reading

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Allowing Students to Discover the “Mystery” of Square Roots (Surds)

I’m starting this post with the end point. Before you start on the post though, you really HAVE to watch the “Double Rainbow” viral youtube clip (Here’s a post I wrote about rainbows for anyone interested). Right, now you’ve had … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the Geometric Representation of Surd Rules

I recently enjoyed reading an article from the ATM (Association of Teachers of Mathematics) regarding the geometric representation of surds (Colin Jackson and the all-attainment group). The all attainment group were looking at how to provide a geometric representation of addition and … Continue reading

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